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If pregnancy is playing havoc with your skin, you will find some really handy tips in this article Sinead did with Pregnancy and Parenting. Click on the image above to read the article.

We were delighted to be featured in the Sunday Times “This is what I do”. If you want a look into the behind the scenes here at Renew, click on the image above to read to article.

If you want an honest account of how Microdermabrasion works, check out Rosemary’s MacCabe’s visit to Renew Clinic for The Irish Times

“Renew is run by two nurses, Jeanette Dunne and Sinead Gallagher, which makes it a little different from your average salon in that they have medical experience, which I think is always comforting if you’re dealing with something that has the potential to have a lasting effect…it also seems as if the congested areas on my cheeks have cleared up quite a bit, which is a welcome development! I especially liked the serum, which made my skin feel really great – of all of the steps, that’s one I’d definitely invest in”

My skin is definitely looking better than it ever has from a run-of-the-mill Dermalogica facial.”

Read the Full article on Rosemary’s Experience with Renew’s Microdermabrasion on the Irish Times website

Pretty sure everyone loves getting their copy of The Gloss Magazine with their Irish Times. When they wanted to test out our Microdermabrasion treatment, we were delighted. See what they had to say below:

“This combo suited me – the microdermabrasion polished up my dull skin, while WEEKLY PEELS SLOUGHED AWAY DEAD SKIN CELLS…I loved co-owner Sinead Gallagher a former nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital) for her warm, no-nonsense manner but, most importantly, for being realistic”

We were so excited when Holly White wanted to test Endermologie here at Renew. Here what Holly had to say below:

Endermologie at the Renew Clinic on Baggot Street was just the ticket. I slipped into a gauze, all-in-one kid’s pyjama-type ensemble and lay on the table while Sinead pummelled my thighs and cellulite. I found it deeply relaxing and almost enjoyable in comparison to my agonising squats at The Fitness Dock. Endermologie acts on a controlled suction motion that lifts and rolls the skin.

Six sessions later, the tone of my skin had entirely changed and felt much smoother. Upon measuring, I found that I had lost an inch off my hips and two inches off my waist, which not only impressed me but made my flatmate stare at my results in amazement.”

If you’re interested in Endermologie or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

30 Hatch St Lower, Dublin 2 – p: 01- 6619261
7 Basin St., Naas, Co Kildare – p:045 901111

We think the best compliment that you can get is that you look great, but nobody can quite put a finger on what’s different. That’s the response the Sunday Business Post tester got when trying out Facial Fillers at Renew:

“The results came through almost instantly and I was delighted to see an improvement. The Restylane eased my wrinkles and I looked completely like myself – just a little bit perkier. I had expected the bruising to be worse, but it was fairly faint and easily covered with make-up… Overall, I was delighted with the experience. Nobody has suspected that I’ve had any work done – or not that I can tell anyway – but I’ve had lots of compliments from people not quite able to put their finger on what’s different about me… And while I wouldn’t consider plastic surgery, I’m delighted with the results from the injections”

If you’re interested in Facial Fillers or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

30 Hatch St Lower, Dublin 2 – p: 01- 6619261
7 Basin St., Naas, Co Kildare – p:045 901111

We know that attending an Anti-Wrinkle Clinic can be daunting if it’s your first time. However, it needn’t be. It’s a pressure free consultation and read what Mary Kenneally’s experience what in the Sunday Business Post:

Sixty-two-year-old Mary Kenneally received her first dose of botox at Renew Aesthetic Clinic in Dublin in December. She has never had any cosmetic procedures but says she began to consider getting some work done after seeing the effects it had had on others. Her daughters encouraged her to give it a shot and she made an appointment at the Dublin clinic to find out what was on offer. “At my age I’m not going to improve without a little bit of help,” she says. “I’m very pleased with it. People keep telling me I’m looking well. It was a pretty hectic Christmas and I look surprisingly fresh.” Kenneally also received some laser treatment to remove thread veins from her face and age spots on the back of her hands. She says she was hugely impressed by the results of both of those procedures.

If you’re interested in our Anti-Wrinkle Clinics with Dr. Rachael Eckel or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

30 Hatch St Lower, Dublin 2 – p: 01- 6619261
7 Basin St., Naas, Co Kildare – p:045 901111

Since September 2006, Beaut.ie has been Ireland’s premier online resource for women who are into cosmetics and makeup, and who enjoy a bit of banter in a welcoming, supportive environment – we love when the visit the salon and getting their feedback. Read below to get their thoughts on the clinic:

“I blogged about the lovely ladies at Renew Aesthetic Clinic recently, and told you about the treatments they offer – everything from glycolic peels to microdermabrasion, colonics, endermologie, fillers as well as medical laser treatments. And because both gals are nurses, you’re always in competent, excellently trained hands.

The medical laser treatment is currently the one I’m the most interested in, and I’ve been in to see Sinead and Jeanette at Renew to talk about getting rid of that yuckky bit of hair on my top lip.

Renew Aesthetic Clinic in Dublin is a place I’d definitely recommend for a trip or 4. It’s run by two lovely ladies called Sinead and Jeanette who are both qualified nurses, so you know you’re going to be in good hands. They offer a range of treatments which will give you great results, like Glycolic facial peels to resurface skin; medical laser treatment for unwanted hair, thread veins, age spots and birthmarks; Restylane facial fillers to smooth out lines and wrinkles; endermologie to aid inch loss and reduce cellulite, as well as microdermabrasion and colonic hydrotherapy. Price are good too.”

Read the Full Blog Article here

There are lots of myths out there in regards to Medical Microdermabrasion. However, it is one treatment that really should be carried out by an expert. See what the Sunday Business Post thought when they came to visit:

“After the treatment a cooling mask is applied and my face is massaged with a vitamin-filled cream. I look apprehensively in the mirror, expecting to see a red face that I won’t be able to bring back to work for the afternoon. Instead, I see smooth and healthy skin. For someone averse to the paraphernalia around most facial treatments, this is ideal. It doesn’t rely on fancy scents to lull you into believing in its efficacy, you don’t go on any ‘heavenly journey’, but you will have a relaxing half hour where skin is exfoliated properly, plumped up with nutrients and sent packing. Dunne and Gallagher are meticulous, and their nursing background means extra care is given to look after clients’ mental and physical wellbeing. I was delighted that my usually troublesome skin remained free of blemishes throughout the Christmas party season. Further, its location and booking policy that ensures no two clients arrive or depart at the same time should make it popular for clients wishing to keep their appointments private.”

If you’re interested in Microdermabrasion or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

30 Hatch St Lower, Dublin 2 – p: 01- 6619261
7 Basin St., Naas, Co Kildare – p:045 901111

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