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Irish Times 17/01/2017

Irish Times 17/01/2017


Facial peels in Dublin that won’t leave you red-faced

Facial peels aren’t as scary as they sound. If you have that Sex and the City scene in your mind, the one where Samantha’s face resembles a disintegrating tomato, you need a little updating.
Peels these days come in varying strengths and can be personalised to your skin’s needs. They work by chemically exfoliating the first few layers of your skin, and revealing the younger skin beneath. Fine lines and pigmentation exist on these few layers, so you remove a few of those too (if you that is something that matters to you).
A good peel should leave your skin a little red, but within a few hours it should be soft and glowing; and within a few days it should be smooth, hydrated and gorgeous. There is no excuse for a bad peel experience, but it helps to go somewhere with a good reputation. So I tried out a few to compare and contrast.
The Organic Passion Facial Peel at Therapie Clinic (€100) is billed as a quick facial that you can go back to work after receiving the treatment, however despite using the gentlest peel on offer, my sensitive skin was blotchy and red for quite some time and wouldn’t have been suitable for work. The fruit enzyme peel promises to naturally rebalance tired, stressed and dull-looking skin, and while my skin looked more fresh in the following days, I would expect more for the price.
Renew Clinic on Hatch Street, Dublin, is run by registered nurses, meaning they can administer medical grade treatments. I didn’t quite go that far, and received the Image Signature Lift (€85), which contains high doses of vitamin C, glycolic acid and active enzymes that promise to lighten and brighten dry, dull and rosacea-prone skin. My skin looked great after, with minimal redness. They give you an after-care pack of lotions and potions to bring home and added a bonus – until the end of January, all treatments at Renew are 20 per cent off.

A personalised facial peel at No3 Herbert Street with award-winning facialist Martha Tiernan is between €75-€100. After a consultation, Tiernan deemed my skin ready for a 40 per cent glycolic peel, a more aggressive peel than I am used to. Tiernan took her time and treated each part of my face differently. The results were revelatory. Over the Christmas period, while eating and drinking too much, my skin glowed and received compliments, the ultimate test of a good treatment.



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