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Jeanette from Renew was interviewed by the Sunday Independent in regards to the use of Lip Filler. Click here to read the full article.

Jeanette Dunne is the co-owner of Renew Aesthetic Clinic and a registered nurse. While beauty is her business, she says she must have a genuine reason to put filler in someone’s face. “It’s a moral obligation. If a young girl comes in with full and proportionate lips, I won’t fill them.”

Dunne is also concerned that we’ve yet to see the long-term implications of over-filling lips at a young age. “It could have an impact on the tissue, there are a lot of sensory nerves around the mouth.

“When someone comes in to me, I tell them about the things that can happen, from a blocked artery to an allergic reaction or necrosis of the tissue. This is rare, but it can happen, especially if the product is in inexperienced hands.”

If you’ve recently given up smoking, Tatler Magazine has some tips on getting great looking skin and treating yourself at the same time. The recommend Renew treatments such as Microdermabrasion (reveal younger, brighter skin), Laser Treatments (for broken veins) and Fillers (for smoker lines).

They also say:

“For any of the above treatments, make sure you go to a reputable clinic. The team at Renew Aesthetic on Dublin’s Hatch Street know what they are talking about and are excellent at helping you decide exactly what treatment would work best for you”.

Mary McGrath tested Restylane for the Herald newspaper – here are is the full review:


Injectable filler that enhances the shape of lips.


Ahead of her daughter’s wedding, Mary McGrath was keen to look her best. Restylane is also used to plump up other lines on the face, like the frown line between the brows, or the so-called ‘marionette brackets’ around the mouth.


Mary says it took less than half an hour to receive the treatment, and that there was no pain involved. “There was a bit of bruising,” she says, afterwards, but that there was little downtime, “maybe a day, maximum.”


“Eight months!” she says. “I’m ready for another one! I found the premises very clean, and they were very efficient.”

We think the best compliment that you can get is that you look great, but nobody can quite put a finger on what’s different. That’s the response the Sunday Business Post tester got when trying out Facial Fillers at Renew:

“The results came through almost instantly and I was delighted to see an improvement. The Restylane eased my wrinkles and I looked completely like myself – just a little bit perkier. I had expected the bruising to be worse, but it was fairly faint and easily covered with make-up… Overall, I was delighted with the experience. Nobody has suspected that I’ve had any work done – or not that I can tell anyway – but I’ve had lots of compliments from people not quite able to put their finger on what’s different about me… And while I wouldn’t consider plastic surgery, I’m delighted with the results from the injections”

If you’re interested in Facial Fillers or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

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