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Secrets to anti-ageing

Secrets to anti-ageing

There are a few essential ingredients that we need to apply daily to reduce the signs of ageing on our skin. These are the key things we need to introduce to our daily routine to look after our skin.


The first and most important thing you need to do is use an active cleanser. Depending on your age and skin type your nurse will recommend the right one to suit your skin type.

There are different types available, depending on the condition to tackle, such as glycolic or salicylic. Ideally, your cleanser would be used at least once a day, maybe twice in same instances.



A high dose Vitamin C based serum is best. This is applied in the morning, after cleansing and before SPF. Antioxidants help to protect us from the effects of environmental damage – a leading cause of skin problems, such as pigmentation and skin cancers.



SPF is essential to use EVERY DAY.

It is important to get the correct SPF for your skin type so that it can be applied daily as part of your normal skincare regime.

Your nurse will advise which is best for you depending on your skin type. There are a number of oil free SPFs available so that you don’t have the “residue” or “whiteness” that some thick SPFs leave on your skin as well as moisturising ones for a skin that might need more a little bit more hydration.



Vitamin A is the most anti-ageing ingredient we know of. It works by causing a mild “irritation” in the skin which helps speed up cell turnover and exfoliate away dead skin cells. Results include a reduction in fine lines, reduced pore size, diminishing brown spots/sun damage, generally giving brighter, even toned skin.


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