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Here at Renew Aesthetic Clinic we swear by using antioxidants and it being February it’s a great opportunity to start taking care of your skin.
Here are our top picks and why they are so important:

Properly formulated topical antioxidants have been shown to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. Some improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

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Beauty by Lorna Weightman

Cellulite is horrible isn’t it? Sadly, it’s something our skin seems to be addicted to so we just have to grin and bear it. Or do we? Well my most recent beauty discovery argues to rid us of that yuk wrinkle-like skin on our legs, tummy, arms and even smoothen the skin on your face. Icoone is a machine that does just this. The only machine in Ireland is in Renew Clinic who not only house this miracle machine, but numerous experts in skincare to help you with any skin issue. And I have a few. But I’m starting with cellulite, so Icoone is what I’m going to begin with. So here begins my Cellulite banishing diary with thanks to Renew…

icoone cellulite zapper

Well I started the “Bye Bye Cellulite” project back in May with astounding results very quickly. Since June, it’s been one treatment a week (well almost!) and now after 12 sessions of Icoone, I have smoother skin on every area treated. What I should also explain is that there are 10 levels of the treatment, and when I first started, I was at level 5. Now that my skin is used to the treatment, I am on level 8 (although I think my therapist Kelsey likes to up without telling me, all in the name of effective treatments!) which is fairly intense but gives very quick results. I have noticed significant shrinkage on my thighs especially and since my last measurement they’ve actually gone up an inch, but that’s to do with building muscle in my legs with the amount of training I am doing. And this is exactly what I wanted. A toned, healthy body with skin that looks equally healthy. So next up for me is to get my legs out for an instagram snap. So hopefully weather permitting you can check that out on my Insta this Saturday.

icoone - renew clinic

Icoone diary week four: June 28th 2016

icoone at renew dublin

Icoone diary week four: June 28th 2016

This whole thing is starting to take shape, literally. My ass is shaping up to give any of the Kardashian’s a run for their money. Well maybe that’s ambitious but I feel great about my shape now. Over the last three weeks, doing two Icoone sessions per week, I’ve managed to shave off six inches from across my hips and two and a half on my waist. Now I have to say that this treatment needs to be balanced with regular exercise and I have turned into a gym bunny, so with four work outs per week, the whole experiment is proving itself to be worth the effort. Not only that, the texture across my tummy especially is smooth and the appearance of cellulite is pretty much gone. Next up, I’m going to try my upper arms which I didn’t think I could do. Now I spend a lot of time on my arms when it comes to working out, so they are fairly toned. But there is still that yukky bingo wing look that isn’t too noticeable, but I notice it. So in my next update I’ll let you know my progress on that.

Roz loves Microdermabrasion at Renew Clinic Dublin

3 For 2 Medical Microdermabrasion


This skin-deep exfoliation process is carried out using a Diamond-Chip wand to gently polish away the top layer of skin, revealing a smooth and vibrant complexion. Microdermabrasion is commonly used to treat and / or diminish:

  • Blackheads and whiteheads.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sun damaged skin.

  • Acne prone skin.

  • Superficial age spots.

  • Hyperpigmentation.

  • Oily skin and dry patchy skin.

    “Renew Aesthetic Clinic are experts in many things, but we especially rate them for the excellent microdermabrasion treatments they offer” Image Magazine


PRP “Vampire Facelift” only €395 save €100!

Vampire Facelift at Renew Clinic

Platelet rich plasma has long been used in orthopaedic medicine, dentistry and reconstructive surgery. The benefits are now widely applied to other fields of medicine, such as dermatology, skin wound healing and cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Unlike fillers, that “fill” an area/wrinkle, PRP stimulates your own collagen to grow for total rejuvenation. Can be used very effectively with facial fillers, depending on clients requirements.

What is it?

Platelet rich Plasma or PRP is a natural product created from your own body. A small amount of blood is drawn from you, placed in a sterile tube and spun to separate the different components. Blood cells are separated from the plasma-this plasma contains higher number of platelets and it is this platelet rich plasma that is ready for use.

How does it work?

Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue heal and grow new cells. The PRP, injected into specific areas of the skin, promotes your own collagen production, regenerates tissue and in turn naturally smooths and tightens skin. It softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone.


Volumising , plumping. Excellent for softening under eye hollows, improves skin tone, tightness and texture. Softening of fine lines and wrinkles. Can be used on all areas of face, neck and chest. Results can been seen from 4-6 weeks after first treatment. Recommended course of treatments 3-6 with 6 week intervals.


20% OFF all Dermal Fillers

lip filler Renew

At Renew Clinic we offer free consultations with Nicola & Jeanette our expert filler nurses, they both have over 12 years experience and continue to update thier facial filler skills attending numerous advanced training days with renowned injectors like Dr. Michael Prager and Dr. Kate Goldie.


If you would like to book a FREE consultation with one of our expert nurses or if you have any questions contact one of our team members in our Dublin, Naas or Drogheda clinic on 016619261 or email us at info@renewclinic.ie  or  book online at your own convenience

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