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There are a few essential ingredients that we need to apply daily to reduce the signs of ageing on our skin. These are the key things we need to introduce to our daily routine to look after our skin.

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Facial peels in Dublin that won’t leave you red-faced

Facial peels aren’t as scary as they sound. If you have that Sex and the City scene in your mind, the one where Samantha’s face resembles a disintegrating tomato, you need a little updating.
Peels these days come in varying strengths and can be personalised to your skin’s needs. They work by chemically exfoliating the first few layers of your skin, and revealing the younger skin beneath. Fine lines and pigmentation exist on these few layers, so you remove a few of those too (if you that is something that matters to you).

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Image skincare in the press

Special this April – Viora Skin Tightening  | 4 face or neck session’s for €600. Viora Reaction combines the mechanism of advanced RF energy and vacuum therapy that work with the body’s natural regeneration process to deliver safe, non-invasive and efficient treatments for cell contouring and tightening of the skin. It stimulates existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhances collagen secretion, and improves skin elasticity over time. From the first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance. By promoting the production of healthy collagen, Radio Frequency can help to firm and sculpt your face resulting in tighter, younger looking skin!

Before and After - Viora

Image Magazine are brilliant at giving no-nonsense reviews of the latest beauty treatments and technology. Here’s their low down on Endermologie / Lipomassage at Renew Clinic:

I lost a combined 12.75 inches which was deemed a great result for my starting size. Cellulite on my tummy, legs and bum were also improved tremendously.

If you’re interested in Endermologie or just want more information, please give us a call here at Renew:

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