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ZO Skin Health – Operation Skin Perfection

ZO Skin Health – Operation Skin Perfection

Part 1 – Operation Skin Perfection!

I have never had ‘flawless skin’ I’ve been battling acne my whole post-puberty life and scars, open pores, pitting, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots have constantly made themselves very much at home on my face!

I’ve also got small areas of pigmentation appearing on the tops of my cheekbones and forehead and to top it off the texture of my skin is like the rocky road to Dublin! See pictures attached.. not the prettiest I know!

Feeling very disheartened that nothing I tried seemed to be working I decided to pop into the professionals at Renew Clinic where I met owner and Nurse Jeanette Dunne and Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Rachael Eckel who were certain they could give me the  ‘Hollywood Glow’ that I have always dreamed of!

They devised a 6 week ZO Skin Health home care programme to treat and hopefully obliterate the open pores, pitting and tackle pigmentation and my aging concerns… So to say the least I am excited and very hopeful!

Keep posted for weekly updates on my progress and more pictures to follow!

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