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ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health at Renew Clinic

Nearly three decades ago, Dr. Zein Obagi redefined skincare to include the concept of creating and maintaining healthy skin instead of only treating skin disease. This new philosophy led to the development of some of the most widely recognized skincare products and solutions recommended by physicians.

ZO® Skin Health Daily and Preventative Skincare

A comprehensive array of products maintain the results of therapeutic treatments and support daily skin health and protection from the environment.

Effective Skin Health Redefined

In 2007, under the guidance of Dr. Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Inc. introduced innovative results-oriented skin health solutions to treat everyone seeking healthier skin on a daily basis. ZO® Skin Health is a world-class developer of comprehensive products and specific regimens that address your unique skincare goals.

Every Patient. Every Age. Every Stage.
ZO® Skin Health provides results-oriented therapies tailored to meet your specific needs. Delivering clinically proven results, these solutions maintain healthy skin that is strong, smooth and firm, evenly toned, and fully hydrated.

The ZO® Definition of Truly Healthy Skin

  • Smooth
  • Strong
  • Firm
  • Even toned
  • Hydrated
  • No disorders

ZO Skin Health – Before and After

Dr. Rachael Eckel on Xposé

Dr. Zein Obagi: Fight Aging, Fight Hard!

Our Favourite ZO Skin Health Products

ZO Brightenex

Celebrity Doctor and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Rachael Eckel, recently featured in The Irish Times and placed ZO Brightenex at the top of her ‘I can’t live without’ list of beauty products.

ZO Brightenex is a natural pigment control agent which blends the skintone, minimises redness and rapidly brightens the skin. This is a brilliant product for restoring and maintaining an even skin tone.

ZO Brightenex keeps skin radiant and clear. If you have sun damage, pigmentation problems, freckling, uneven skintone or suffer from redness then this is a must-have product.

This product contains high-potency retinol which works immediately on contact with the skin.

ZO Ossential® Daily Power Defense

This day cream is an amazing product. It works around the clock to repair and protect the skin. It restores healthy skin function and elasticity. This powerful cream also minimises UV damage and uneven skin-tone.

The man behind this amazing skincare, Dr Zein Obagi, believes that overuse of moisturisers can make our skin lazy and actually cause our skin to stop moisturising itself. He created this product as a “functioning moisturiser” which can help to wean skin off regular moisturisers and get the body to pump water to the skin by itself.

This product contains highly stable retinol, specialized DNA repairing enzymes, hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body and helps to keep skin hydrated, and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as vitamin E and orange peel oil.

ZO Invisapeel

This is a must-have product if you have discolouration, rough skin texture or dehydrated skin. It is an intensive resurfacing peel containing specialised enzymes which exfoliate the skin without any visible peeling or flaking. This product leaves the skin looking noticeably smoother, firmer and brighter.

ZO Retamax

If you want to reverse the signs of aging and prevent future damage then this is for you. This product contains the highest level of retinol in an emulsion for rapid delivery. It aids skin rejuvenation and can diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It is also an excellent product for improving skin texture, firmness and colour tone.

ZO Offects TE- Pads Acne Pore Treatment

Too much sebum will cause blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores and even acne flare-ups. Salicylic Acid is brilliant for reducing excess sebum. It can also exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells and deep cleanse congested pores.

These pads are hydrated in 2% Salicylic Acid which is the highest over the counter concentration available. They leave your skin feeling exceptionally clean without causing the skin to become dry. The pads also contain botanical extracts which calm inflammation and irritation.

ZO Restoracalm

This is a fantastic product if your skin feels sensitive or weak. It is a soothing recovery cream which provides immediate comfort and hydration. It can also reduce the appearance of skin redness and flakiness.

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