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We look at Injectables and why less is in fact more

16 January 2019

Treatment Trends

Injectables: why less is more

The world of beauty treatments is also in flux. I spoke with the experts at Renew Skin Clinic in Dublins Hatch Street to get the low down. When it comes to injectables, less is finally more.

"We will see less of the big lips and big cheeks idea and more focus on skincare regimes with modest treatments for optimal health and beauty.” Dermal fillers retain their relevance, but less so than in previous years.

Something we will be injecting into our skin, however, is hyaluronic acid. “HA injectables such as Profilo will continue to soar in popularity. Our clients now choose hydration over plumpness when it comes to younger, healthier looking skin. Profilo is a high concentration HA injection which improves skin texture, elasticity and hydration for a natural and more a youthful skin appearance.”

Combination skin treatments will also become more popular for those wanting to achieve results faster.

“Combination treatments will target different skin levels to address all signs of ageing such as fine lines, pigmentation and skin laxity. Such combinations increasing in popularity are IPL with Medical Grade peels, micro needling with mesotherapy, all of which improve skin texture, tone and appearence, while correcting problematic skin and stimulating the body’s own ability to repair and renew by inducing collagen production.”




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