If you are considering getting a non- surgical cosmetic treatment for the first time, what should you be aware of?

Today, we want to share our thoughts on why it is so important for you to choose who performs it for you carefully.

06 March 2019

If you are considering getting a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for the first time, what should you be aware of?

Today, we want to share our thoughts on why it is so important for you to choose who performs it for you carefully.

We have all heard horror stories of cosmetic treatments going wrong, while unfortunately, this happens, the best way for you to protect yourself is to make sure
you do your research and find a clinic which will look after you and your face with the best of care.

While we have lots to say on the topic, for the purposes of this post, we’ve kept it to
3 key points. Short, sweet, but, oh so important.

1. Skills & Experience If you are considering getting a non- surgical cosmetic treatment, the first consideration should be whether the person who will carry it out has the appropriate level of knowledge and skill to do so safely and with a high standard of service for you, the client. In Ireland, the industry is not regulated at this point in time, so there are those performing non-surgical cosmetic treatments with different levels of skill and experience.

What do you need to perform non-surgical cosmetic treatments?
At the minimum, you need an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, an understanding of how the treatment works on the face and where the potential lies for complications. One must understand how the product works, where its use is contraindicated and also how it needs to be administered
safely. This skilled, experienced practitioner also needs to have a safe, clean environment with all the necessary equipment to carry out the treatment in a hygienic manner. Renew Skin Clinic was established by two aesthetic nurses, Sinead and Jeanette, who trained together at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. They then went their separate ways to gain industry experience before teaming up to establish Renew Skin Clinic, the first nurse-led aesthetic skin clinic in Ireland, in 2006. At Renew, Sinead and Jeanette only employ medically trained personnel because for us, having the skills, experience and ‘bedside manner’ is a hugely important part of what skincare should be about. While the majority of our staff are nurses, who combined have 50 years of
aesthetic experience, we also work with a number of doctors.

When you visit Renew Skin Clinic, you can rest assured that we are working with the safest, most up
to date equipment and procedures to ensure that you get the best of care.

2. Ethics - Ethics is something you don’t hear talked about too much these days. But, when you work in this industry, it is at the forefront of everything you do. Or at least it should be! At Renew Clinic, all our staff are qualified, experienced medical professionals. Apart from knowing that you’re in safe hands in terms of our ability to carry out the treatments safely, it also means that all of us, from the owners to every member of staff in each of our six locations, have studied medical ethics. That’s important. When a medical professional has access to information about non-surgical cosmetic treatments, procedures, and products which can make a difference to their patient they have a duty of care to explain how these procedures and products work, the results the client can expect, and the risks
involved. As you put your trust in us as professionals, it is only right that we act in the most ethical manner possible to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

3. The Client Matters That’s you. Beauty, just like other industries moves in trends. But trends don’t have a place on your face, certainly not for the long-term. It can be fun to experiment with make-up trends, but anything that is going to have a lasting effect on your face, such as non-surgical cosmetic treatments, must
put your needs at the forefront of any decision making. At Renew Skin Clinic, we are guided by your natural beauty. The non-surgical cosmetic treatments
and other procedures we offer are simply a means to enhance that natural beauty and help you to look like the best version of yourself.
We consider what will give you the best outcome and provide the treatments that will help you feel good in your own skin with a ‘less is more’ approach.
We’re very keen to help people make an informed decision about who to attend for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. After all, when things go wrong in this industry, it is the client who pays -and we’re not talking about money. We don’t want to see anyone suffer from the pain and embarrassment of an aesthetic cosmetic treatment gone wrong. While qualifications and expertise are important, so too is your level of trust in the clinic and person
who will be administering your treatment. Listen to your gut, if something doesn’t feel quite right, step back and have another think about it. A professional, reputable clinic will have no problem with you asking lots of questions and will do their very best to explain everything so that you can make
the right decision for you and in your own time. If you have any questions about non-surgical cosmetic treatments or any of the other procedures we
offer here at Renew Skin Clinic, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us.

You can contact us
by phone, or via the Renew Skin Clinic website.
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