Beautiful Skin is healthy skin..

29 May 2019

Beautiful, Healthy Skin starts with a good Home Skincare Routine

We don't go to a personal trainer once a fortnight or month and eat unhealthily for remainder of the time and expect to have our dream bodies.
 We are what we eat and 80% of our how our bodies look and feel is down to our diet, the 20% is the effort we put in at keeping active, exercising or attending the gym/personal trainers.
Skincare is the very same. 
Our skin is the bodies largest organ and yet a good home skincare regime is often overlooked. A skincare regime does not need to be complicated!
 At renew we call it our magic four and it is a good starting point for everyone to maintain and repair their skin. 
 Healthy skin is beautiful skin so following these four simple steps daily will help you achieve healthier, more beautiful looking skin.

Morning routine - Step 1 CLEANSE

A cleanser which is right for your skin type, skin condition and concern is recommended to remove make up, pollution and bacteria from your skin. Cleanse morning and evening for one minute and double cleanse if you have been wearing make up - cleanse for a minute to remove your make up and then cleanse for a further minute to give your skin a thorough cleanse.


Apply an antioxidant serum to your clean, dry skin.
Antioxidents protect your skin against free radicals (waste products from various chemical reactions in the cell that when built up harm the cells of the body) which cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA. Potent antioxidants such as vitamin c, Ferulic acid, phloretin and vitamin E counteract the free radicals in the skin and shield your skin against their damaging effects. They protect and correct skin concerns such as lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and redness.

SPF will give 55% protection from the environment. SPF and Antioxident will give 90% protection. Studies are proving that efficient antioxidants strengthen skins internal protection against environmental aggressors, allowing skin to self repair.


Wearing adequate UVA and UVB SPF every day is essential!
UVA Ray's which penetrate through clouds, rain and which we are exposed to every day are the very Ray's which cause our lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and triggers conditions like Rosacea and broken capillaries. 
Yet a common perception of people living in Ireland is that they don't need SPF or sun protection because of the lack of sunshine. 

To make it simple use a moisturising SPF, A 2 in 1 to cut down on products, time and cost, for ultimate protection and hydration! We love SPF moisturisers by Image Skincare and SkinCeuticals as they have a range to suit all skin types, from oily to dry or normal skin type and also accommodate those who love a tint I'm their moisturiser.

Evening routine - Step 1 CLEANSE 

Repeat your cleansing Step 1 from your morning regime.

Step 2 REPAIR 

Sleep.....we fight it when we are young for fear of missing out, but cant get enough of it as we get older.  Sleep is when our bodies restore and repair different functions, this includes our skin. 

Feeding our skin with active ingredients at night can help this repair process which naturally slows down as we age.
A good night cream that is suitable for your skin type, condition and concerns is vital to correct damage caused by our lifestyles, environment and natural chronological aging to maintain healthy radiant skin.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is the only proven anti-aging ingredient but is not for everyone. It is important to speak to a skincare specialist before starting such an ingredient to ensure it is the right option for your skin and to educate you correctly on how to use it. 
Retinol increase our cell turn over so is more than an anti-aging product and can help with many skin conditions such as acne, scaring, rosacea, uneven and untextured skin and pigmentation.
At Renew we have a range of retinols with varying percentages which allows our nurses to choose one ideal for each individual. 

There are some people who do not tolerate retinol and sometimes this can be a trial process but we have many alternative night creams to promote repair for healthy skin. We love ZO Skin Health's growth factor serum which triggers the skins natural ability to heal by stimulating collagen.

Each of the four products, cleanser, antioxidant, moisturising SPF and night cream all work in harmony to create the best environment for healthy skin. 

There is no point adding additional skincare products to your regime unless you have you fundamental magic 4 perfected and built into your daily routine.  Then bi-weekly use of a mask or exfoliator can boost your cleansing steps further.
As well as additional oil control products or anti redness, or skin brightening creams and serums can all be added to an individual's skincare regime where needed. 

Use your clean hands to cleanse your face. If you use a face cloth or soft mit you should use a clean one daily, or minimally ever other day, and this includes your towel. Bacteria loves to grow in wet, damp areas and essentially you are rubbing this into your face the next time you pick your damp cloth up from the sink or shower. 

We want you to get the best out of your skincare both in the clinic and at home and we'll do our best to help you achieve this. If you are ready to start a new skin journey to optimal skin health contact us at any of our five clinics or book online. 

We look forward to being part of your skin journey