Feeling as Dull as this Weather?

Get Glowing with Our 4 in 1 Facial!

26 June 2019

One of the best things to do when the sky is grey and you’re feeling a bit blue is to practice some self-care. And, facials are a great way of taking a little time for you and helping put a pep back in your step.

But why have a regular facial when you can have a 4 in 1 facial at Renew Skin Clinic?

What’s the Difference?

A Regular Facial

When you attend a beautician or spa for a facial there may be a couple of options on their treatment list. You browse through them and choose perhaps the one that sounds most relaxing if you’re particularly stressed or one that is formulated for your skin type.

Usually, a facial includes 4 steps which are a cleanse, exfoliation, masque treatment and the application of an active ingredient. Your face may be steamed in the process or have extractions performed also, depending on the type you choose.

All in all, this type of facial can be very relaxing, soothing to body and mind and can give you radiant looking skin which will last for a few days.

The 4 in 1 Facial at Renew Skin Clinic

Our 4 in 1 Facial at Renew Skin Clinic is very different. As we are a skin clinic staffed by nurses and doctors, we are able to offer our clients medical grade facial treatments that work at a deeper level of the skin to produce longer lasting effects at a cellular level.

Our 4 in 1 facial naturally includes four steps. We begin with exfoliation. This is delivered through the use of our Diamondtome Microdermabrasion system. This microdermabrasion treatment polishes the skin using a diamond-tipped wand to remove any dead skin and reveal a fresh layer of youthful skin.


Small Mido Derma.jpg


Next, we use a powerful antioxidant peel from cosmeceutical brand Image Skincare. The vitamin C in the peel clears up free radicals in the skin while brightening the appearance of the skin and preventing sun damage. 

To hydrate the skin after all that clearing and peeling, we then apply an award-winning mask from Timeless Truth. This cellulose sheet mask includes royal jelly and bee venom, bee products which have been used for many hundreds of years for their benefits to the skin. This combination of active ingredients is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The bee venom also tightens the skin for a youthful effect.


Image Peel.jpg


However, the big difference with our 4 in 1 facial lies in the final step. While you relax with your cellulose mask in place and the bee venom and royal jelly is doing its work, we apply LED light therapy to the face. The mask we use, allows the red and blue light waves to pass through the mask and penetrate deep into the skin.

Using LED light therapy in this way has two functions. First of all, the LED light therapy works hard at a cellular level within the skin to promote collagen production and tighten the pores. Secondly, the LED light therapy boosts the skins ability to absorb the full benefits of the cellulose mask. One of the biggest obstacles with applying products topically is that the skin is such a good protective barrier for the body that it prevents sufficient absorption to deliver the desired results. LED light therapy helps to overcome this difficulty.



Our 4 in 1 facial at Renew Skin Clinic clears, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin for a fresh, radiant appearance which is a lovely form of self-care. It is an ideal pick me up to feel better in yourself or can be booked in advance for a special occasion you have coming up. Great skin helps us feel amazing inside and out.

Contact us at Renew Skin Clinic to book your 4 in 1 facial or book your appointment online – and for the month of June, you can enjoy €20 off the usual price!  

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