Calling all brides-to-be..

19 July 2019

This month, Aisling Keenan of Image Magazine spoke to co owner and Nurse Sinead Gallagher of Renew Skin Clinic to find out how to prep your Skin before your Bid Day!



When it comes to a three-month bridal skin countdown, a 360 approach is needed. There's no point spending the earth doing peels and laser with the pros if you're not taking care of things at home. Skin health is a combination of things. A good home care regimen is vital, and you need to give products time to take effect.

As well as home skincare, a holistic look at supplementation and diet is required to make sure you're giving your skin the best chance. Nutraceuticals are making huge inroads into maintaining excellent skin and hair health, as well as aiding sleep and general welbeing. 

The obvious things like drinking lots of water and a good diet are also very important.

Depending on what your specific needs are, a tailored approach is always best, and the three month window is key. It really depends on what problems, if any, are happening with the skin. 

If you want to reduce pigmentation seek out the big guns! - IPL and peels could be requird to get the flawless finish you are after, also combination treatments like Image skincare peels, Mesotherapy and LED light therapy. However, if someone has extreme pigmentation and broken capillaries, they might need a course of IPL.

Don't over spend on unsuitable products. Managing your own epectations when it comes to how far products alone can take you is a good tip! If you are on the wrong products then youo are just throwing your money down the drain.


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