Dermaplaning – The Exfoliating Hollywood Staple Comes to Renew

19 February 2020

As you may know, at Renew Skin Clinic, we work tirelessly to bring the most up to date, scientifically advanced treatments to our discerning clients. Sometimes, however, there’s a treatment that’s been ‘around the block’ so to speak, but which has stood the test of time. Dermaplaning is one such treatment, which we are pleased to now offer our Renew clients.

It is said that Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were dermaplaning long before the vast selection of non-invasive facial treatments we have today were available. Many years later, as awards season approaches in Hollywood, lots of A-listers will be including dermaplaning in their pre-event skin treatments.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin treatment which uses a sterile blade to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and those tiny hairs from your face in the process. During the treatment, your advanced skin therapist will use a blade to remove the outer most layer of your skin to reveal the fresher, more youthful skin underneath.

As we go about our daily lives, the outer most layer of our skin is exposed to pollutants which can clog our pores and cause our skin to look dull. By exfoliating these away during a dermaplaning treatment, your skin looks clean and radiant. When this fresh skin is revealed, it is able to fully absorb any serums applied to it, so it can be a good idea to combine dermaplaning with another restorative treatment to get the full benefit of the treatment.

Dermaplaning is a great pre-event treatment, as evidenced by its popularity in Hollywood. The results can last approximately three weeks and are best appreciated a day or two after treatment. Some clients experience some redness in the hours after treatment, but this will subside within a day. Other than that, there is no downtime associated with this treatment.

As dermaplaning does lift off the outer most layer of the skin, the baby soft skin underneath is very delicate. For this reason, it is essential that you protect it from sun damage by wearing a good full-spectrum SPF in the weeks after treatment. Your advanced skin therapist will be able to recommend a good one if you are concerned whether your existing SPF is sufficient.

To minimise the risk of irritation during treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure for a week before your treatment. It’s also best not to avail of dermaplaning during a flare-up as the treatment can make the flare-up worse.

At Renew Skin Clinic, all our staff are very experienced and put your safety and satisfaction at the fore. They will take the time to discuss the treatment with you beforehand and will take your skin history so that you can be sure that dermaplaning is the right treatment for you. If it is not suitable, we have a number of other exfoliating treatments which might be more appropriate for your skin type.

If you have any questions about dermaplane facial treatments and whether they are right for you, contact your local Renew Skin Clinic or book a pressure-free consultation online.


To celebrate the launch of our dermaplane facial treatments at Renew Skin Clinic, we are running a competition on social media where you can win a dermaplane treatment.