Introducing Freeze Fat Friday..

Renew Skin Clinic staff members reveal their Coolsculpting results..

13 September 2021


A few members of our team at Renew put Coolsculpting to the test, the results speak for themselves!

"I am so happy with my results, I was conscious of my chin/neck area as I felt there wasnt enough definition".

"Thrilled with my results! I felt I couldnt shift this area at the Gym no matter how hard I tried".

"This area bothered me a lot especially after having kids and no amount of exercise helped! Delighted that my muffin top has improved!“


Are you ready to see results?

Introducing FAT FREEZE FRIDAY EVERY FRIDAY in Dublin and Naas

VIP service for clients who need an all day treatment session consisting of free parking for the day, lunch and refreshments.

Receive a FREE Image skincare body rejuvenation cream when you book your consultation and pay your deposit with us today!

Our Drogheda clients can also avail of this offer EVERY THURSDAY

Body contouring’ has grown from beauty buzzword to big business, with CoolSculpting® considered the safest non-surgical treatment available at aesthetic clinics globally. Using controlled cooling (i.e. freezing), it targets pockets of stubborn fat – ones often resistant to dieting and exercising, and promises permanent results.

A series of Coolsculpting® procedures can banish muffin tops, back fat and other uncomfortable areas, leaving you feeling confident in your clothes and body. Coolsculpting® can also be beneficial for clients who are interested in getting rid of a pesky double-chin that can’t be reduced even with diet and exercise. It can reduce fat under the chin by 20-+25%, improve skin laxity and help to strengthen and define your facial features.




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