Seasonal changes can be a nightmare for your skin..

04 October 2021

The Autumn and Winter months are about repair, rejuvenation, rehydration, resurfacing and re-education!


 Start the new season with a medical grade facial..

If you only manage to fit in a facial a few times a year, then the change of season is the perfect time to squeeze one in. Firstly, it will help prepare your skin for the harsh environmental factors it’s sure to encounter as the temperature changes. Secondly, it’s an excellent opportunity for one of our therapists to review your skin. We can advise you on any products we think will benefit your autumn and winter skincare routine.


Clear out the cupboard..

Your skin will start to dry out in the colder months so you’ll rightly be tempted to slip some extra serums into your routine. But if you’re reaching to the back of the bathroom cupboard for products you’ve only used seasonally, do be sure to check when you initially opened them. Remember, all skincare products have a shelf life. They will lose their effectiveness beyond this point. So, the start of the new season is a good time to have a clear out.

And remember DON'T DITCH YOUR SPF, your skin receives no let-up from the harsh UV rays over winter,




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