🎥 We are delighted to announce our new Cryotherapy Clinic in Hatch St..

Starts Tuesday 19th of July!

06 July 2022


We are offering a dedicated day at Renew Hatch Street for Cryotherapy treatments, with our in house Doctor Susana..


What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a tried and tested skin tag removal technique for removing skin growths such as skin tags and warts. The process is easy, comfortable and over in a matter of minutes. After the treatment, your warts, skin tags or other lesions will scab over and fall off within one to two weeks. 

Although most skin lesions are harmless, having them may leave you feeling self-conscious and keen to improve this aspect of your appearance. You may also find lesions such as skin tags or warts irritating or even painful because of their position.

Many people believe that they can remove skin lesions at home, but this can be painful, dangerous and leave unsightly scarring. Skin tag and wart removal with cryotherapy at the hands of a skilled medical professional is simple, easy and associated with fewer risks than any other method of removal, including surgical incisions.

Research also shows that cryotherapy can stimulate your immune system and boost the health of your surrounding skin cells.


What type of skin conditions can be treated at the Cryotherapy clinic ?

Skin tags 

Age spots/ Sun spots 


Actinic Keratosis 



Cherry angiomas 

Benign skin imperfections 


If you are at risk for skin cancer, you'd want to take every precaution to prevent melanoma. Mole mapping is an excellent tool to detect skin conditions earlier.  

Moles are extremely common, with most people having moles somewhere on their body. A mole is a small, coloured spot on the skin which is made up of a cluster of cells known as melanocytes, which are responsible for producing the pigment in your skin. Occasionally these melanocytes grow in a cluster instead of being spread out, which results in the formation of a mole. 


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