Why Rosacea Gets Worse in the Winter—and What You Can Do About It..

12 January 2023

When you suffer from rosacea, it can feel like a never-ending battle from season to season. Temperature fluctuations, bitter cold, winter winds, and dry heat all strip your cheeks of moisture, which weakens the skins barrier function. 

For many with rosacea, a common trigger is extremely dry air — which winter often brings along. To keep your home from drying out your skin, use a humidifier to add essential moisture to the air.  Additionally, to further prevent skin drying, avoid direct dry heat sources. This may include blasting the heater in your car, using a plug-in electric heater, and hot air blowing up through vents. 

Sophisticated new therapies designed to target rosacea's disease processes combined with treatment plans tailored to patients’ specific cases have made it easier than ever for sufferers to achieve clear skin.


Recognising the symptoms of rosacea

 Rosacea has some distinctive symptoms and here are the key symptoms:

-Redness in the face, especially on the high inner cheeks (close to the nose), on the nose, and sometimes on the chin and forehead

-Stinging and burning in the skin

-Flushing and blushing often

-Parts of the skin that seem “thickened” –especially around the nose or chin

-Skin that seems to have a rough or bumpy texture with very large pores

-Painful, swollen skin

-Spider veins and broken capillaries in the face

-Blood vessels that seem to sit close to the surface of the skin

-Raised patches on the skin—these often look like hives at first—they’re called plaques


The best results are achieved when we work together with the patient to identify appropriate therapy and monitor its progress. In initially designing a treatment plan, we recommended taking a comprehensive history of the patient’s involvement with rosacea, including its signs and symptoms over time, as well as its social, emotional, and psychological effects. We also offer advice on trigger factors, as well as information on skin care and sun protection.

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