The Effects Viatmin C has on our Skin

Our Nurse Evanna tells you why you should be using vitamin C

20 March 2018

The answer to this statement is quite obvious and easy because there are a variety of benefits from using vitamin C on our skin!

Let's start with evening out our skin tone (who doesn't want a flawless complexion), improving hydration, protecting our skin from the visible impacts of pollution and overall helping and maintaining to keep our skin looking younger for longer - what more could we ask for 
One of the many beneficial forms of vitamin C, otherwise known as 'ascorbic acid' is a proven 'VIP Celebrity' component, for its potent anti-oxidant properties that help boost firmer looking skin. This gold standard ingredient is clinically backed by research for dramatically brightening and evening our skin tone and let's admit it, who doesn't love a bit of drama in their lives 
So let's help slow down the signs of ageing by investing in my personal favourite- SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF anti-oxidant serum (suitable for oily and combination skin types).

Why not book in for a free skin consultation in Renew Clinic where one of our expert Nurses can recommend the most suitable Vitamin C product for your skin type?
Research has proved that when a vitamin C product is used in conjunction with a high SPF daily, can protect our skin from those nasty free radicals and the sun by up to 75% in comparison to only 45% protection when only a high SPF is used. 
Need I say anymore 

Evanna Bothwell