ROSACEA 'Red Alert' New hope for Rosacea sufferers!

This Week we set down with our Nurse Evanna O'Connor and asked her all about Rosacea..

29 March 2018

How often have you looked at your face in the mirror and thought that you had sunburn or acne? Did you know that you could be suffering from Rosacea? I hear you ask what the hell is Rosacea‚Ķ.Relax, you're not alone! 

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that usually affects the face. Symptoms of it are redness, pimples, slight swelling and small groups of superficial broken veins. Typically, it affects the nose, cheeks and forehead but can also affect the chin area. Unfortunately, like acne, it can never be completely cured but we here, in Renew clinic can help you manage and easily control your Rosacea with the help of our appropriate skin care products and skin treatments. All tailored to suit your skins needs! 

Rosacea is very common among us Irish due to our lovely pale skin but thankfully, it is treatable. Rosacea can affect all age groups but try to seek professional advice as soon as possible because when left untreated, it progressively gets worse!  

At Renew Skin Clinic, a thorough skin assessment is carried out first (free of charge) to determine the severity of your Rosacea.

We have an amazing Rosacea skin care package to help reduce and alleviate the appearance of Rosacea.

We have had fantastic results from this package but client compliance is also an important factor. 
Why not give us a call and get booked in for a free skin consultation with one of our lovely nurses