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Vicki tried . . . Botox at Renew Skin Clinic

01 November 2018

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With it being STELLAR’s tenth anniversary, I’ve spent the month rummaging around looking in old issues. There are plenty of pics of me from 2008 looking like a baby, and it’s definitely made me question why time has been so damn cruel to me! I’m nearly 33, and while I don’t have deep set wrinkles or crow’s feet, I have lots of thready lines on my forehead that make-up sits in, and a nasty frown line.

I’ve had Botox once before but only a tiny bit because I was terrified. I liked it, but felt it wore off quite quickly. I decided that this time I’d go for a little more, including the frown line between my eyebrows, and I’d visit my skin gurus in Renew Clinic instead of going for a more budget option – I don’t want to scrimp on something like having poison injected into my forehead, and I’ve been going there for acid peels for a couple of years and adore the gals.

I met the lovely doctor Katherine and told her my concerns, as well as what I expected – I still wanted movement in my eyebrows and not to look overly frozen. She had me frown and raise my brows, and she drew little lines on my forehead with a white pencil. She then had me lie down, and when my forehead was resting she injected it in those little spots. I had three jabs between my brows, and three in my upper forehead.

It does hurt a little, but it’s just a bit stingy, nothing crazy. I bled a tiny bit, but it’s only a pinprick and stops soon. You avoid baths, exercise, make-up and throwing your head around for 24 hours, and the Botox works its magic over the following 3-10 days. Some people experience mild swelling, but it’s nothing noticeable. Each morning afterwards, I woke up with my forehead feeling a little stiffer; it’s just slighty unusual but not uncomfortable and you get used to it very quickly.

It’s now been two weeks and my forehead looks FAB – smooth, even and line-free, but I can still move my brows. My aim was to look great for our tenth birthday bash, so hopefully I’ve achieved it!

Botox treatment from €250 at Renew.