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No downtime brightening
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OxyGeneo® treatment provides the only 4-in-1 Super Facial. Patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology results in unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, for smoother complexion and younger looking skin.
No downtime super facial can be carried out pre any event to leave your skin visible tightened and refreshed.

OxyGeneo Renew Aesthetic Clinic

Loved by celebrities like Emma Willis

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Geneo Super Facial
Geneo+ is an advancement in skin care that delivers 4 essential treatments simultaneously:

  • Exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin
  • Infusion of unique revitalising formulas
  • Oxygenation generated from within
  • Tightening & Contouring
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Geneo+ 4 in 1 approach
Geneo+ takes its inspiration from the natural hot springs known for inducing skin oxegenation. By simulating this effect, Geneo+ triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the treated area. At the same time Geneo+ exfoliates the skin and creates an optimal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment. Geneo+ is suitable fro all skin types and facial areas.

How it Works
Geneo+ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells and prepare the skin to receive active nutrients. Through our exclusive Capsugen, Geneo+ cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient rich formulas.

Geneo+ produces countless minute bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface. The Geneo+ applicator is designed to degas the CO2 bubbles from the gel and infuse them into the epidermis. The applicator's frequency and amplitudes are specifically designed to:

  • Produce a kinetic force that optimises the chemical reaction generating CO2 bubbles.
  • Enable optimal penetration of CO2 bubbles into the epidermis.
  • Radiofrequency is used to stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen formulation and immediately tighten collagen fibres for tissue retraction in the skin.

  • PriceOxGeneo Facial €160.00 Purchase 3 or more and get 10% off.

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OxyGeneo Renew Aesthetic Clinic

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