Mole Mapping

Our skin specialists track and
examine the moles on your skin

Mole mapping is a process of examining and documenting your skin and individual moles over time to help detect changes in moles as early as possible. Dermoscopy device is used to examine the moles, this is a non-invasive skin surface examination using a microscope that allows skin structures to be magnified that are not normally seen with the naked eye. Dermoscopy allows visualisation of the early subtle changes in skin cancer.

Who should consider having their moles mapped?

Patients who are at increased risk of melanoma. This includes anyone with:

  • Large number of moles (more than 50).
  • Moles that are large, or have an unusual colour or shape.
  • Previous history of melanoma.
  • A strong family history of melanoma.
  • Pale skin that burns easily in the sun.
  • Episodes of previous severe sunburn.
  • A lot of sun exposure, including outdoor workers and people who take regular sun holidays
  • A suppressed immune system.
  • Moles on the back, which may be difficult to keep an eye on.
  • Any recent changes to individual moles.
  • We will guide you during the process of your skin annual check up.

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