The new biorestructuring gel
restores and refreshes
eye contours

The eye contour is an extremely delicate area of our facial skin. As time passes, it is inevitable that our skin starts to sag. The decrease in collagen fibers and elastin leads to the appearance of wrinkles, which often manifest in the periocular areas as the first “crow’s feet“. Over time, it is possible that the sagging of under eye skin causes the relocation of a part of the body adipose tissue right in this area; this generates under eye bags which may not be simply corrected with daily beauty habits… For this reason, a specific and targeted treatment, which may not only reduce the classic blemishes of the eye contour area but also restores the natural structure of deep and superficial tissues, by giving freshness and naturalness to the look, is necessary.

The new biorestructuring gel of the Nucleofill TM range based on low-molecular weight, highly purified, naturally derived polynucleotides, specifically studied to improve the trophism of the periocular areas.

The beneficial effects of Nucleofill Soft Plus.

  • Hydrating effect, thanks to the ability of the polynucletidic matrixes of binding water and direction it three-dimensionally in the tissue.
  • Long term anti-oxidant effect, thanks to the chemical structure able to absorb free radicals by blocking the effects of these carriers at cellular level.
  • Stimulating effect at fibroblastic level: receptor activation ( CD39 e CD40) increases in the production of collagen of type 1 Important effect related to the increase both in the number and metabolic activity of fibroblasts, the main cells that preside over the continuous renewing of the several dermal components.
  • Metabolic effect on asset cells; polynucleotides contribute to the reintegration of several fundamental autologous components (glycosoaminoglycan, proteins, glycoproteins, fibrils etc.) which help maintain physiological functionality.

  • Nucleofill Soft Plus determines a significant improvement of hypotrophic areas, slowing down the degradation of the bone matrix and promoting a homogeneous redistribution of the adipose tissue. This process leads to the bio-restructuration of the deep layers within 30/60 days from the implant.

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    Before and After Brow

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