An overall reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a feel good factor to your body

What is icoone

Icoone® increases oxygenation of tissues, stimulates fibroblasts, improves blood circulation to cure vascular and lymphatic diseases, pre and post surgery/liposuction, decreases muscular pain, to give an overall reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a feel good factor to your body.

How it Works

Icoone is one of the best strategies for the best cellulite treatment, because it acts on the root of the causes of the imperfection. The technology of the method is based on the use of special handpieces equipped with microstimulators which, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute: it is the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, an innovative and unique stimulation which allows for mobilizing the skin and subcutaneous tissue down to the deepest layers.
Scientific studies have shown that this micro-massage offers macro results: blood flow increases and connective tissue fibres become more flexible, so metabolic exchanges are promoted, tension on adipose tissue is reduced, drainage and blood circulation improve and with them the appearance and quality of cellulite skin.

What it Treats

Cellulite has a marked preference for certain parts of the body: thighs and buttocks are the first targets, but arms are also often not spared.
In addition to unfavourable genetics, everything that worsens blood and lymphatic circulation or increases adipose tissue, which if there is too much of it ‘strangles’ the blood vessels, favours the appearance of cellulite:
sitting for too long, smoking, bad posture, tight clothing or standing for a long time, for example, make the capillaries more fragile, hormonal imbalances can lead to water retention, a bad diet can increase the accumulation of fat in the cells, which then press on blood vessels altering microcirculation.

Icoone at a Glance

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Yes, this treatment requires a consultation

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Anaesthetic not required

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Typically takes around 30-40 mins

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No discomfort

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No downtime

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2-3 times per week

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