Philart Polynucleotides

a new polynucleotide based skin booster designed to enhance skin quality.

What are PhilArt polynucleotides

PhilArt by Croma is a new polynucleotide based skin booster designed to enhance skin quality. It can be used as a stand alone treatment, but also it can be used on conjunction with other aesthetic treatments to maximise longevity and effectiveness of the results.

How do they work

Polynucleotides are a new generation injectable bio-stimulators that help to kickstart regeneration in the skin. The purpose of injecting the product is to stimulate our own cells to produce some of the things that we lose with ageing, Philart is designed to condition the skin rather than volumizing it. Polynucleotides boost collagen and elastin by up regulating the fibroblast cells, as well as improving tissue regeneration and restoring skin tone and elasticity. It has an antioxidant and hydrating effect in addition to the bio-remodelling, therefore resulting in skin that looks and feels healthier.

What it Treats

It provides a helpful solution to revive and refresh tired-looking eyes. The product can be used in younger patients as an anti-aging (or preventative) treatment.
It can help increase collagen, fibroblasts, protein production and also regenerates damaged and ageing tissues.
PhilArt Next is a very effective treatment at improving skin quality and skin conditioning. By combining Hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides it offers both hydration, plumping and collagen production.
A treatment suitable for all skin types, it can help with reducing inflammation in the skin.
PhilArt Next can be used for the treatment of skin laxity in both men and women and can treat many areas - face, neck, décolletage, arms, knees, abdomen. It is a fast acting, effective, and minimally invasive treatment.

PhilArt polynucleotides at a Glance

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Yes, this treatment requires a consultation

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Anaesthetic required

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Typically takes around 30-45mins

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Minimal discomfort

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Usually around 24hours of downtime

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3-4 weeks for 4-6 treatments for optimum results

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