September Specials at Renew Skin Clinic

Updated: 10 September 2018

Ultherapy 20% off This September
Ultherapy is making headlines due to its safe, effective and extraordinary facial skin benefits. In the past, plastic surgeons had to
perform surgical facelifts to get the results that this cutting-edge cosmetic treatment can give with absolutely zero downtime.
Ultherapy is truly a lasting skin solution that can give individuals a more youthful appearance. The results typically remain for one to one
and a half years or more, and the benefits that individuals receive are far more reaching than just skin deep.
This treatment encourages more collagen growth, and many consider this revolutionary treatment the new fountain of youth.

Our Clients love the impressive skin results that can include lifting and tightening of the Face, Brow, Neck and Décolletage.
Ultherapy produces a radiant, fresh and youthful skin appearance due to its intended collagen production results. Since everyone’s skin
does differ as far as thickness and other skin variances, opting for this non-invasive Ultherapy procedure makes sense.
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 20% off Sclerotherapy this September
Sclerotherapy is a safe and well-recognised treatment for thread veins on the legs. Most people with spider veins or thread
veins find them unsightly and hide them with clothing or with cosmetic cover-ups.  Sclerotherapy is a simple, gold-standard treatment that’s
successfully used tocorrect these unwanted leg veins. Over a course of sclerotherapy treatments, unwanted leg veins will improve significantly.
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  Buy 2 IPL full face treatments and get 1 Free
You Know What’s Amazing About IPL? It Helps With All Of The Following!
Reduction/Removal of age spots
Reduction/Removal of redness/rosacea
Reduction/Removal of broken capillaries
Smoothing/Tightening of the skin
Reduction of pore size
Reduction/Removal of black hairs and peach fuzz
Reduction of minor wrinkles
Overall brightening effect on the skin  
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