Ultherapy Brow Lift featured in IMAGE Magazine Online 24/10/17

Unhappy With Your Eyes And Brows?

25 October 2017

Say goodbye to heavy hoods with Ultherapy’s brow and eye lift at RENEW AESTHETIC CLINIC.

The skin naturally changes as you age. This is par for the course, what’s important is that you still feel like the best version of yourself. And when it comes to the delicate skin around the eyes and eyebrows, some are more self-conscious than others at visible differences that may occur. Most people consider an eyelid or brow lift for cosmetic reasons, but drooping skin in the eye area is sometimes more than an aesthetic concern; it could impact on your vision day-to-day, depending on its severity.


If you start to notice heavy skin and tissue on your upper eyelids, and if you can see or feel it resting on your eyelashes, this could potentially cause eye fatigue and even interfere with your vision. To that end, if you’ve decided that a brow and eye lift is the option for you, Renew Aesthetic Clinic can help with their Ultherapy treatment.


Ultherapy is officially the world’s most popular non-invasive skin tightening treatment, having recently celebrated the one million treatment mark.

Choosing Ultherapy to treat your ageing skin has numerous advantages, especially when delicate features such as the eyes, lids, and brows are concerned. Ultherapy promises a targeted treatment that’s safe and effective using a non-invasive procedure with no downtime – most patients can resume daily activities immediately.


Although results will appear almost instantly after just one treatment, the regenerative process takes several months to kick in fully. After two to three months, ninety percent of patients in FDA clinical trials reported a noticeable lift in their brow line.

Why not pop into any of their conveniently located clinics for a complimentary consultation? The Renew brow and eye lift is €550.

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