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29 June 2023


Elementrē dermo cosmetics


Launched in 2021 as an innovative Swiss brand, elementrē dermo cosmetics offers an essential range of high-performance cleansers, serums, creams and peels.


Our simple 3-step protocols 

1. Prepare

2. Correct 

3. Enhance 


Addresses key skin indications

Signs of skin ageing 

Uneven skin tone

Excess pigmentation

Congested and oily skin 

Dry, irritated, and sensitive skin

Formulated with optimal dosages of key actives, elementrē dermo cosmetics deliver visible, long-lasting skin improvements. Because we believe that achieving beautiful skin should be easy and affordable for all, we focus on: The Essential. For You.


In order to create the perfect skincare plan to address your specific needs, a thorough skin consultation is essential.


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