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Read what model Sarah Morrissey has to say

27 November 2023


Emface is a non-invasive treatment utilising two therapies in one 20-minute, pain free procedure. HIFES (High Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation) and RF (Radio Frequency) technology improves facial muscle density and stimulates collagen and elastin production, the two key proteins that plump and tighten the skin.

The HIFES contracts your forehead and cheek muscles with an electrical stimulation current to elevate and lift facial tissue, while the RF technology uses heat energy to prompt a wound-healing response in your skin.

Emface enhances the muscle tone of the face and lifts areas of laxity at the cheeks, jawline and forehead creating a full-face lifting effect. Emface creates lift, restores volume, reduces fine lines and uniquely tones underlying facial muscles to provide an overall refreshed, tighter, smoother complexion. Emface lifts brows and makes cheekbones look more pronounced, which are the two most noticeable results experienced by patients.

Clinical studies underpin Emface results, after the recommended course of four treatments, with 37 per cent reduction in wrinkles, 30 per cent increase in muscle tone, 23 per cent more lift. It is currently dominating the global aesthetics space. Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Simpson, Louise Redknapp, Rebel Wilson are just some of the celebs that have given Emface their stamp of approval, sharing their transformative experiences on social media and in the press.


Irish top model Sarah Morrissey on her Emface treatment

“When I reached 40, I noticed the elasticity in my face becoming less tight, as it does with ageing. I wanted something that was natural, non-invasive and needle-free. “I wanted to be me, but fresher and more sculpted. And Emface was the perfect treatment. It tones and lifts the facial muscles and it only takes 20 minutes. “I had my treatment with Sam Costelloe, an advanced skin therapist from Renew Clinic in Hatch Street, who advised me on what to expect and reassured me with any concerns I had about Emface. “It didn’t interfere with my modelling career. I was able to go straight to a photo shoot or fashion show afterwards, as there is no downtime needed with this treatment. “And I am over the moon with the results, my skin is firmer and lifted and there’s a few less wrinkles thrown in as a bonus!”




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