IPL Skin

To treat Red broken
facial veins, sun pigmentation,
uneven skin tone and open pores

Medical IPL Treatment

The Lumina Medical IPL system is a source of high energy pulsed light for medical and dermatological application. It can be used for the treatment of pigmented lesions including:

  • Red broken facial veins
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation caused by sun damage
  • Some Birthmarks
  • Tightening open pores
  • Correct uneven skin tone

Energy from the light source is attracted to Pigmentation in our skin be it dark brown or red, the pigment absorbs the energy causing it to fad away. During this process the skin heats up and feels that it is being injured by the energy enabling the fibroblasts to be stimulated to produce collagen, this has a self-healing effect on the skin tightening pores and rejuvenating the skins tone and texture.

What to expect from a treatment

At treatment time your skin will be cleaned and a light weight cooling gel applied. Then your skin therapist will apply some dark goggles to your eyes. You will then feel the cool head of the IPL handpiece on your skin. When a pulse is released there will be a flash of light and you will feel a pinch on your skin. This lasts only for a second. Your face can feel a little hot and tingly after the treatment but these are all signs of a successful treatment. SPF will be applied to your skin to protect it leaving the clinic. Your skin may appear a little red and pigmentation spots will appear darker, this is all normal and again the sign of a successful treatment. You can apply make up to your skin after your treatment. We recommend you use mineral based makeup. For optimum results 3 treatment are required 3 weeks apart.

Treatments are carried out following a consultation with an experienced nurse, where the melanin content of the hair and skin are assessed and an individual treatment plan is devised.

Prices start from €80. Packages available

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